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Dr. Klaus Lassert (Founder)

Qualifications & Professional Experience

Klaus graduated in Psychology at Bochum University, Germany, in 2000, with a focus on Business Psychology and Personnel Development. He was awarded a PhD in 2004 for his scientific research into strategies of processing organizational psychometric data. Klaus is also a certified systemic coach. He was trained in the international Wiesbaden Institute for Systemic Psychology.

Professional Experience

Klaus has gained significant experience in leadership coaching and training in Europe, USA and Asia. As a trainer he has been teaching a considerable number of managers from Fortune 500 corporations in skills relating to professional leadership, negotiation, change management and (intercultural) conflict management.

Klaus also has considerable experience in designing and applying instruments of management diagnostics. He has been working as an assessor of management skills for various international companies.

Moreover, Klaus has worked extensively as a personal coach and as a consultant in cases of inhouse conflict within management as well as between management and staff.

Overall, Klaus has worked in over 30 world-wide locations and with managers from more than 70 different countries.

Between 2000 and 2003 Klaus also worked as a lecturer at the Department of Organizational Psychology at Bochum University. He has worked as a coach for international managers at the renowned INSEAD Business School in Paris.

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Arne Voigt (Project Partner)

Qualifications & Professional Experience

Arne graduated with a master’s degree in African/Asian History at London University in 2002. In 2007 he obtained an additional master’s degree in Organisational Psychology. He is a trained systemic business coach.

Professional Experience

For more than a decade Arne has been involved in designing and delivering international talent management programmes, leadership training and executive coaching. More recently, he has been commissioned to facilitate organisational change processes and team building programmes. He has worked for international clients of a wide range of industries and in cooperation with different business partners.

As a trainer, he has particular expertise in conflict management, negotiation and communication techniques.

From 2003 to 2008, Arne worked as consultant for md gesellschaft für management diagnostic in Hamburg. Subsequently, he joined a UK-based consultancy firm SHL as a senior consultant. In 2010, he set up business as a freelance consultant and in this function, he joined Lassert Coaching Training Diagnostics as a partner in 2012.
He is married and lives with his wife and his two children in Hamburg.


Klaus Lassert works with an international team of associates who are skilled professionals from fields as diverse as psychology, business consulting, marketing, design, and voice & movement training. All members of this network have extensive and international experience in their respective field and offer high-profile services to their customers.

Based on systematically matching your needs and our professional profiles, we then identify the right set of people to ensure the accomplishment of your development goals.

Moreover, to meet your needs perfectly, a range of consulting firms with different areas of expertise can be included in the project.

For instance:

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