To enhance impact, training should focus on intensive practical assignments.
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Individual topics call for individual measures - and sometimes confidentiality.
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Precise assessment makes personnel development more effective.
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How can we become more effective leaders?

What exactly are the individual development needs of my middle managers?

How do our customers experience our service from beginning to end?

How can I become more effective while leaving the office earlier?

How can my managers and sales staff enhance their impact when addressing large groups?

How can my junior team leaders master the transition from employee to manager?

How can we generate customer loyalty from initial complaints?

How can we more credibly communicate with our staff?

Can my managers use Coaching as a leadership technique - and how?

How can I - or my managers - mediate conflict within the department?

How do people around me perceive my interpersonal behaviour?

How can we use our annual appraisals to really improve everyone’s performance and motivation?

How can I convince people more easily?

How can I manage the different expectations people have towards me?

How can we best lead our staff through this difficult period of transition?

How can I send a clear message without de-motivating people?

Why does it seem impossible to delegate more tasks to others – and what can I do about it?

My managers and I have received our 360°-feedback reports. Now what?

These are questions my customers and I were to able solve by combining these methods.

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