To enhance impact, training should focus on intensive practical assignments.From a solid theoretical base, all training measures offered here focus exclusively on their practical application in order to ensure a sustainable training impact.

All seminars designed and conducted by Klaus Lassert or his associates therefore stand out due to the following three qualities:

  • High intensity: All participants engage in intensive practical assignments during the seminar, which require putting newly acquired techniques into practice and receiving hands-on feedback.
  • High adaptability: Based on a tailor-made concept, the course of the seminar is adapted continuously to participants’ needs as they arise during the exercises, thus, ensuring a maximal learning effect.
  • High transferability: All seminars are geared towards reflecting the participants’ professional environment as best as possible and on request, can be combined with effective “into-the-job” measures, thus, ensuring a sustainable transfer effect as well as a maximum ROI.
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